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June 3, 2010

Crystal and Crystal Necklace

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Crystal is an ancient gem variety, also known as ‘water spirit’, ‘water jade’ and ‘Buddha stone’.

Crystal is colorless and transparent quartz mineral. Its main chemical is silicon dioxide, same substance as the ordinary sand. In different environments, the ‘sand’ can be turned into different forms of gems: Crystal, Agate, Opal, Chalcedony, Flint and sub-quartzite.

Perfect crystal is hexagonal, often formed as hexagonal rods, cylinder with one or both sharp tips, a number of links in a long column, commonly known as crystal family, beautiful and magnificent. Crystalline silica is shaped as different styles. In a Crystal Gallery, you’d be amazed by the possible shapes of crystalline silica. In addition to the common long one, there are sword-shaped and others look like the plates, the double cones, the fingers, the boulders. Some are less than 25 grams, and some others weighs over 300 kg.

Natural crystal has been impressing people by its wonderful, colorful appearance and its benefit to human health and psychological effects, which even diamonds and golds could not compete. The simple and beautiful stones have made themselves consistently popular among the materials used to make jewelries.

Natural crystal does have health effects on human bodies. Oriental pharmaceutics believe that the natural crystal oscillation frequency and the body of bio-energy field actually can resonate, which in turn keep blood smooth, then healthy atmosphere to enrich the body, strengthening the immune system functions. Wearing crystal jewelry will be able to consistently achieve the health purpose for human bodies.

Crystal is admired to be a valuable material for making jewelry, especially crystal necklaces. The most popular crystals used in necklaces are Amethyst and Aquamarine.


June 2, 2010

Aquamarine Jewelry: Crystal Necklace

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Aquamarine, is a gem from Latin Sea Water Legend. This beautiful gem is produced in the sea, the essence of water, so use it to pray Voyager Neptune bless navigation safety, called “mascot stone.”

Aquamarine, emerald and turquoise are called Beryl in mineralogy. Beryl crystals are transparent. Beryl is a beryllium aluminum silicate, formula Be3Al2 [Si6O18]. Aquamarine has the color of sky blue, sea blue or blue with green beryl. Its color was mainly due to the component of a trace amount of divalent iron ions (Fe2 +), with clean, rich and gaudy blue, which were best to be light blue. Aquamarine is hexagonal, most commonly of hexagonal crystal form,

Evaluation and selection of aquamarine is based on color, transparency and weight. Relatively dark color, no small impeccable, and heavy is usually used to tell a good aquamarine stone. Aquamarine is very brittle, easy to be damaged by high temperature, the event will fade grilled. When worn, it should be kept from crashing and fire.

Aquamarine has long been regarded as ‘the brave stone’, and was seen as a sign of happiness and many happy and youthful. Many countries in the world define aquamarine as the “birth rock in March,” a symbol of calm, bravery and cleverness.  More information on Crystal Necklace.

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